Welcome to Ireland’s First Husqvarna Construction Centre

The Husqvarna Construction Centre at CPH, Commons Road, Cork supplies a full range of construction equipment. We offer a range of construction products from both our Charleville and Cork CPH locations,but as Ireland’s First Husqvarna Construction Centre the Cork location has the full range in the showroom! Please see below to view a sample of the range of Husqvarna construction equipment we have for sale or for hire!


Cut n breaker

Consaws & Cut n’ Break Saws

The range includes petrol, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical machines. This means you can always find the perfect machine and tool for every job. So that you can work with great precision, less effort and be really efficient. we supply Diamond baldes to suit each product in the range.

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Floor & Road Saws

The Husqvarna range of floor saws includes productive machines for floors, driveways, car parks, roadways, runways, new and old concrete, and asphalt.
Attached is example product FS 8400D Floor Saw.

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Husq Drill

Husqvarna Drilling Range

Whether you’re drilling by hand or using a stand, the equipment must be reliable, light and easy to use. Husqvarna’s sophisticated drilling systems meet all these requirements. This means less strain and wasted time, and results in really efficient work.

Drills, drills stands
We supply diamond drill bits to fit the full range of Husqvarna products

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tile saw

Masonry & Tile Sawing

Easy, ergonomic, high precision cutting of bricks and blocks.
Husqvarna table saws are easy to use whether you’re cutting large or small tiles, and whether you’re standing on the ground or cutting tiles up on a roof.

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Drill bits

Diamond blades, discs and drill bits

Rock, concrete and steel are some of the hardest materials known to man. To cut through these elements with immense precision, you need something even harder – a diamond blade or diamond drill bit from the world’s leading producer.

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Protective Equipment

Clothes and accessories that protect you and make you feel more safe.

Being properly attired during construction work is all about two things: safety and comfort. That’s the basic idea behind Husqvarna protective equipment.

Gloves, helmets and visors, respirator masks, ear protection and clothing.

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